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About Us

This is a picture of an emergency roadside assistance.

Richardson Towing Service is a locally owned and operated, professional towing company in Richardson, TX. We are committed to the motorists who rely upon us provide them with the help that they need. This is why we invest in the best quality of vehicles possible to securely transport your vehicles. We also take the job of transporting your vehicles seriously and this is why we only entrust them to the most qualified and experienced tow truck drivers in the city.

Our drivers are licensed and insured and are experienced with operating several different types of towing vehicles. With our various tow trucks, we are able to effectively accommodate the needs of motorists. We beat out the competition in terms of the quality of the services we offer and our pricing. Our services are operated with integrity.

You can contact us with the confidence of knowing that your needs will be met by a reliable and competent tow truck driver from Richardson, TX. Our drivers are vetted and prove to be the best and most qualified to meet the needs of our customers.

With our 24-hour towing services, we are always available to always address your service needs. Since our fleet of vehicles is serviced routinely, we never have a problem with them breaking down. There is no better feeling than knowing that no matter what your towing needs are that we will be able to take care of them. We stand by our service and offer you guaranteed satisfaction.

Richardson, TX